Public sector tendering

Public sector tendering

“Simplifying the tendering journey”

Are you a public sector employer?

If you are a public sector employer what is the capacity and capability within your organisation to maximize early engagement with the market  provide cost effective tendering?

We recognise that you are often working to very challenging procurement timescales and need to deliver value whist minimising cost and ensuring legal compliance (especially if working under the Public Contract Regulations)?  Getting this balance right is essential so let us take the pressure off you!

It’s better that you you have an independent consultant  to deliver tendering services to evidence impartiality and probity when making important procurement decisions.

Its essential to optimise your tendering strategy and agree a tender methodology that is fit for purpose for your organisation and the efficient selection and award of contracts. Our tendering services include the following

  • Tender Planning
  • OJEU procurement choice
  • Market & stakeholder engagement
  • Industry or bidder days
  • Pre-qualification questionnaires
  • Invitation to tender
  • Contract documents
  • Tender evaluation and award
  • Workshops & training

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Crown Commercial Service Added Value
With acknowledgement to “Reform of the EU procurement rules – public sector briefing for procurement practitioners” published by the Crown Commercial Services

Are you a small to medium sized builder in the private sector?

If you are a small to medium sized builder that has no time to send out subcontract enquiries, estimate prices or assess risk for tendering then look no further. Our tendering services for small to medium sized builders include:

  • Tender planning
  • Sourcing supplier or subcontractors
  • Issue tender queries
  • Identify and price risk
  • Contract review of proposed terms and conditions
  • Dealing with supply chain enquiries
  • Supplier or subcontractor evaluation
  • Taking off quantities
  • Estimating prices
  • Tender adjudication prior to submission

Just send us your tender documents including any contracts, the drawings and or specification and leave the rest to us


FREE pragmatic contract advice from a construction contracts specialist worth over £50.00


“In the time I have worked with David he has demonstrated excellent interpersonal and communication skills in liaising with the company’s clients. The technical expertise that David has brought to the company has been invaluable.I have always found that David behaved in an exemplary manner and demonstrated complete integrity in delivering the many projects he has undertaken. He is trustworthy and dependable and particularly adept in dealing with construction contract law issues that arise on complex and difficult projects.”

Nigel Barr