Lexius provides first class procurement advice for all construction and engineering projects for further information please look at our case study for Milbank Island. The radar graph below is from a workshop for the Millbank Island project.

” Opportunity arises for the prepared mind”

                                                      Louise Pasteur

Problems will arise if we have not considered all the risks and opportunities are also missed, this means that we can say goodbye to value (however you may wish to define this for your organisation). Understanding the project, your own business and those that you will be working with in order to mitigate procurement risk before you get started is essential for better outcomes and projects delivered on time and within budget.

Have you prepared a procurement profile for your project?

If not, its a good idea to consider the following before you get started:

  • business drivers,
  • risks,
  • constraints,
  • objectives,
  • values,
  • opportunities and
  • threats?

What are the procurement options and have you evaluated them?

If not, its helpful to consider the range of procurement options available and which include

  • traditional
  • design and build
  • design build and operate
  • design build operate and maintain
  • turnkey

Are you aware of the contract and price options?

If not, its a good idea to identify the contract and price options available and to evaluate them objectively:

  • JCT
  • NEC
  • ACA
  • CIOB

These are a few factors to consider when evaluating the options available and in order to make informed decisions.

Its important to identify and evaluate options whilst ensuring viability for your project based upon the constraints and risks, complex choices and multiple stakeholder requirements.The market in which you operate and stakeholder requirements also needs to be understood before you decide what to do.

Services are provided through a combination of meetings, workshops using stakeholder questionnaires where appropriate to collect data plus a final report and summary of options with recommendations.

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contract risk mitigation
This radar graph shows an options appraisal developed at a workshop for Millbank Island with multiple stakeholders.


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Nigel Barr