Contractual risk based review

Contractual risk based review

“Turnover is vanity profit is sanity”

Are you a small to medium size contractor or consultant without in-house contracts  expertise and little time to turnaround tenders?




If that’s you then look no further  as the benefits of this service are as follows:

  1. providing a quick 24/7 turnaround
  2. protects tight profit margins
  3. improves contractual awareness
  4. helps grow the business
  5. mitigates business risk
  6. takes off pressure

There can be a lot of  complex contract amendments to review and often a quick turnaround is required for tenders, contract documents issued are often poorly prepared, either incomplete or ambiguous requirements. Some tenders will impose unreasonable terms on your business such as unlimited liability and onerous requirements for guarantees or warranty’s for performance.

We take the pressure off and help owners you manage your teams workload more efficiently so that the can turn around tender quickly and the business keeps running smoothly.

  • Reviewing contract documents
  • Assessing completeness of contract
  • Identifying risks including ambiguities
  • Completing a risk review template
  • Categorising as red, amber green risks
  • Proposing amendments to address risk
  • Get the contracts ready for signing (if required by client)
  • Liaise with clients (and legal representatives)

You may also like to read our case study for contract risk reviews provided for a regional contractor who tenders for a lot of work on the basis of JCT 2011 and 2016 contracts.

We will take pressure off you and do a great job but please don’t just take my word for it have a look at what one client says below and to read other testimonials click here

“Davids role is crucial. His help with contract risk review, in particular for JCT contracts, has been especially useful and imperative. The many benefits of having David as part of our team include understanding risk mitigation, protecting our tight margins and improving staff contractual awareness. The biggest plus is the time saved for me as a Director; having David in the office has taken pressure of the business and my reduced my workload enormously and has meant the whole office runs far more efficiently.”

Nick Deas Director (HP Contracts)


FREE pragmatic contract advice from a construction contracts specialist worth over £50.00


“In the time I have worked with David he has demonstrated excellent interpersonal and communication skills in liaising with the company’s clients. The technical expertise that David has brought to the company has been invaluable.I have always found that David behaved in an exemplary manner and demonstrated complete integrity in delivering the many projects he has undertaken. He is trustworthy and dependable and particularly adept in dealing with construction contract law issues that arise on complex and difficult projects.”

Nigel Barr